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Freestanding Stoves 18j Freestanding Stoves 18j Freestanding Stoves 18j
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Independent customer reviews collected on WhatStove. Updated January 2016.

Look at the fire. Six benefits:

  1. Large Glass Window.
    A full framed picture of the fire
  2. High Efficiency.
    More heat with far less fuel
  3. Wood & Multi-fuel.
    Burn the fuel you want
  1. Made in Britain.
    Designed for British homes
  2. Powerful Airwash.
    A clean view of the fire
  3. Five Year Guarantee.
    Made to last

18j freestanding stove

Blazingly efficient wood burning stoves

There’s nothing like warming up by a roaring log fire — log burners bring life to your home like no other method of heating. With fuel efficiency ratings of up to 85%, heat is released in to your room, not lost up the chimney.

Features for J, Q & F models

Made in Britain

Crafted lovingly in Cornwall, England. All our stoves are British-made, designed for British homes. We engineer our products using high-grade steel, carefully seam welding each join to ensure longevity.

Wood or Multi-fuel

Choose the fuel that’s right for you — whether you burn coal, briquettes or smokeless fuels — our stoves are multi-fuel right out of the box.

18q freestanding stove


Jetburn Technology

[J feature] Turning the waywood stoves burn upside down: We have a patented combustion system. An innovative tube curves around the fire chamber, burning gases that normally escape up the flue. This means the 18j can maintain a high efficiency over a wide range of heat outputs.

See it in action


PureBurn Technology

[F & Q feature] Burn at the highest efficiency: Combustion air is super-heated through the unit, then reintroduced back in to the fire chamber, igniting unburnt carbon particulates in a secondary combustion. Giving you increased efficiency and less harmful emissions. The science works.

Direct Air Supply

The optional direct air supply eliminates the requirement to install an air supply in the room, which circulates cold air from the outside, lowering ambient room temperature. Our air supply feeds external air directly in to the stove instead.

Available for F model only. Available for Q model by special request.

Carbon Saving

You can save your home over 180 kg of carbon production annually through the use of a Jetmaster and renewable fuels, like wood. This instantly improves the value on your home’s energy performance.

Defra Approved

The 18j, 18f and 18q are approved by Defra to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. Burning wood on our stoves is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of heating.

Five Year Guarantee

We’re proud to stand by the reliability and durability of our freestanding stoves, giving them a five year guarantee when registered.

60f traditional freestanding stove

Feature for Q model only

Convective Heat

The 18q warms the room in two ways: firstly, heat radiates directly off the glass and, secondly, convection air is projected from around the firebox. Convector fires draw cool air beneath the engine, before gently pushing it back in to the room as hot air.

All Model features

  • Airwash: a thick heated air curtain keeps the glass clean for longer

F & Q Model features

  • Removable handle

J & F model feature

  • Available in black, green, brown, or blue finishes.
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18f Freestanding Stove


60f Wood Burner


18j Freestanding Stove


60f Wood Burner


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Black / Green / Brown / Blue Black / Green / Brown / Blue Black / Green / Brown / Blue Black


Efficient, freestanding, slimline. The 18f delivers exceptional efficiency. A wide fuel bed for large logs. The greatest view of the fire. The air curtain keeps the glass clear. A friendly and responsive British stove, so you can heat your home without the hassle. A wide fuel bed for large logs. The greatest view of the fire. The air curtain keeps the glass clear.

Leg Styles

• Traditional legs
• No legs
• Short legs
• Long legs
• Log Store
• Traditional legs
• No legs
• Short legs
• Long legs
• Log Store
• Standard • 18q
• 18q with bench

Key features

  • 608 × 540 × 355 mm
  • 6.9 kW output
  • 83% efficiency

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*Defra approval is for 18f model only