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Our Design Philosophy

The fire is the heart of the home, a place we love to gather around. We are passionate about bringing this warmth and life in to homes. It’s what drives us to make products that bring joy and delight.

Our stoves are designed with these values in mind.

18j freestanding stove

Huge window

Look at the fire

The design has been stripped back to reveal what matters most… the joy of a roaring fire. Jetmaster stoves have distinctively large windows that keep the focus on the flames.

60f freestanding stove

6 key features, at a glance…


Defra approved

DefraThe UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. has approved the 18f, 18q and 18j* for burning wood in smoke controlled areas.


Carbon saving

Our PureBurn Technology can save your home over 180 kilograms of carbon production annually when burning wood, a renewable source of fuel.


Five year guarantee

Our wood burners come with a five year guarantee when registered. They’re built to last.


Wood & multi-fuel

Designed for wood burning or multi-fuel. All models burn wood and multi-fuel as standard.


Made in Britain

Crafted lovingly in Cornwall, England. British made stoves designed for British homes.

18f freestanding stove


More features for all models (J, F & Q)

Control the heat

Flames instantly respond as soon as you touch the air control, giving you power over the rate of burn. Fast or slow, high or low, you decide the level of heat.

Flame picture

All Jetmaster Freestanding Stove’s have large ceramic window that allows the whole fire to be seen, giving all the visual glory of the flame.

Reduce your footprint

Save over 180 kg’s of carbon production annually, through our stove’s efficient use of wood, a renewable source of fuel. This improves the value on your home’s energy performance and value.

Features for J model

Patented combustion system

We call it Jetburn Technology. An innovative tube curves around the fire chamber, burning gases that normally escape up the flue. This means the 18j can maintain a high efficiency over a wide range of heat outputs.

Low heat: efficient top-down burn

With the single slide control set low, the 18j extracts wood gases for combustion. The flame picture flips on its head and fire dances at the top of the fire chamber.

Ignition: easy ‘start up’ mode

Get from tinder to roaring fire in record time. With the door handle clicked into ‘start up’ mode, a strong current of air rapidly fans the flames.

Longer burn times

More heat with less wood, saving your fuel costs. Consequently, there’s no need to refuel as often, giving you more time to enjoy the fire.

Ashpan: it’s massive

Spend less time disposing of ash.

Features for J & F models

Four colours

The 18j, 18f and 60f are available in four beautiful colour finishes: black, green, brown, or blue. This look is achieved using a quality high-temperature paint.

Feature for F models

Styles: legs or log store

Our stoves come with many different looks. Have a look at our styles and accessories.

Feature for Q models

Convective heat

Convection air is projected from around the firebox. Convector fires draw cool air beneath the engine, before gently pushing it back in to the room as hot air.

* 18j is currently in the Defra approval process.

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