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PureBurn Technology

Our powerful PureBurn Technology is the engine that drives our stoves. Superheated air is piped in to the main chamber, igniting excess carbon particulates in a secondary combustion. This increases efficiency and reduces emissions. The science works.

Air wash

What’s the point of a fire you can’t see? We keep the glass clean in two ways:

  1. Our PureBurn Technology burns away excess carbon particulates, reducing the dirt that tars the glass.
  2. A one inch thick air washA stove with an airwash system brings a curtain of air across the surface of the window inside the firebox. This protects the window from tar that would darken the glass. forms an invisible curtain between the glass and the flames, further protecting the visual glory of the fire.
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Choose the fuel that’s right for you — whether you burn coal, briquettes, coalfire or smokeless fuels — Jetmaster inset stoves burn multi-fuel as well as wood (16i, 18i, 50i, 60i). Our large 70i burns multi-fuel with the use of a drop-in grate.

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Defra approved

The 16i, 18i, 50i and 60i are approved by DefraThe UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. for burning wood in smoke control areas. Our inset fires are one of the most environmentally friendly methods of heating.

Carbon Saving

Save your home over 180kg’s of carbon production annually through using renewable fuels, like wood. This instantly improves the value on your homes energy performance.

5 Year Guarantee

Built in the UK according to rigorous quality standards. We’re proud to stand by the longevity and reliability of our woodburning stoves, giving them a 5-year guarantee when registered.

Direct Air Supply

All Jetmaster inset stoves have the option of an external air supply direct in to the stove. This eliminates the requirement to install an air supply in the room.

Made in Britain

Crafted lovingly in Cornwall, England. British-made log burning stoves designed for British homes.

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Our most efficient stove ever! Low output, perfect for new builds. The most efficient 18″ inset stove in the UK (HETAS Guide 2015). Clean line design and a beautiful flame picture. The UK’s most efficient mid-sized inset stove (HETAS Guide 2015). Our largest window, roaring heat and a truly wide fuel bed. Wide view of the fire. Designed to fit low lintel openings. Our widest panoramic view of the fire. Designed to fit low lintel openings.

Key features:

  • 10 kW output
  • 77% efficiency
  • Fits a 747 × 593 × 355 mm opening
  • Window size: 580 × 395 mm
  • Wood & multi-fuel ready
  • Large fuel bed
  • 6.5 kW output
  • 78% efficiency
  • Fits a 647 × 493 × 355 mm opening
  • Window size: 480 × 295 mm
  • Wood burning only
  • 8.5 kW output
  • 73% efficiency
  • Fits a 747 × 493 × 355 mm opening
  • Window size: 580 × 295 mm
  • Wood burning only
  • Large fuel bed

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*Defra approval is for 18i & 60i models only