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Every Jetmaster inset stove comes with a choice of styles and accessories, so you can customise your fireplace to suit your home. Whether you want to burn smokeless fuel or coal, or draw fresh air in from an external source, we have carefully-designed solutions to help.

  • Removable Stove Handles


    Included — Every stove comes with a wooden handle used to open the unit. Optionally, you may choose our beautifully engineered metal handle. Since both handles are removable, the unit sits flush against the wall, accentuating it’s clean design.

  • Multifuel

    Not everybody wants to burn wood only. Our 16i, 18i, 50i and 60i burn multi-fuel right out of the box. And we offer a drop-in multi-fuel basket for our 70i, so you can always burn the fuel that’s right for you.

  • Frames

    The standard frame is 30 mm at each side. Additionally, there is also a wide frame available which is 50 mm at the sides and top, and 30 mm at the base.

  • air-supply

    External Air Kit

    An optional room-sealed external air supply kit can reduce cold airflow into your home. The kit ensures all combustion air travels directly into the sealed fire chamber from an external air source. This eliminates the requirement of an air supply from outside into the room, which would lower ambient room temperature.

  • Ducting Kit

    Hot air generated around the convector box can be piped into other rooms in your home. Pipes are attached to the convector box. One pipe will draw cooler air towards the stove, another pipe will convect warm air out in to your room. Additionally, two pipes in and two pipes out may be utilised to offset the output of heat into the room where the stove is.

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