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8 great reasons to own a Jetmaster inset stove

We would like to emphasise eight specific reasons why our inset stove is the right choice for your home. There are many stoves out there, but there’s nothing quite like the simplicity and welcoming warmth of a Jetmaster.

  • 70i-diagonal

    1. Look at the Fire

    We use a distinctively large window that features the whole fire, so all the warmth of your fire is seen as well as felt.

  • 2. Made in Britain

    Jetmaster is very proud that our inset stoves are manufactured and built in Great Britain. Crafted lovingly in Cornwall, these are British made stoves designed for British homes.

  • airflow

    3. PureBurn Technology

    Our PureBurn Technology ensures that your stove burns at the most efficient rate possible.

    Combustion air is superheated through the unit, then reintroduced back in to the main chamber through tertiary air tubes, where it ignites excess carbon particles and gases that normally escape up the flue. This secondary combustion is what increases our efficiency and lets fewer harmful emissions enter the atmosphere.

  • 4. Built with Quality

    Jetmaster have a strong reputation for longevity and build quality. We refined the manufacture process and assembly to ensure reliability and longevity. Moving parts have been reduced to a minimum, with only door hinges and the air control mechanism that move. All Jetmaster stoves come with a five year guarantee.

  • crystal

    5. Clear Glass

    Many modern stoves boast about their fuel-burning efficiency but can’t keep their glass clean for long. Their windows quickly darken with soot and tar, blocking the view of the fire.

    Jetmaster stoves use an extra thick curtain of preheated air is forced between the fuel bed and the window, creating a wall that blocks soot from being deposited, keeping the glass clean for longer and doing so with comparatively larger windows.

  • 6. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

    Jetmaster stoves can save you over 180kg’s of carbon production annually, through burning wood, a renewable source of fuel.

    This saving will improve the value on your home’s energy performance certificate, instantly increasing the value of your home.

  • Defra approved for smokeless zones

    7. Defra Approved

    The 16i, 18i & 60i are DefraThe UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. approved for burning wood in smokeless zones. Burning wood on our inset stoves is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of heating.

  • 8. Direct Air Supply

    You’re legally required to have an air supply in the room if you have a fire over five kilowatts. An air supply in the room circulates cold air from the outside and lowers the ambient temperature.

    Our direct air supply feeds external air directly into the stove, eliminating the requirement to have a room air supply. Available for all our inset stoves.

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