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The crackle of an open fire

You don’t have to resort to a stove when you want a warm, smoke-free room. Our open fireplaces give you advantages a stove doesn’t — the crackle of burning logs, a bigger flame, a well-warmed room more quickly. And because it lights so easily and heats so quickly you don’t have to keep our wood burning open fires going all the time.

Extra 700 with Deluxe Log Retainer

Multi fuel open fires

Jetmaster open fires aren’t only open wood fires, they’re also multi-fuel open fires too! With our multi-fuel basket you can choose the fuel that’s right for you — whether you burn a mixture of coal and wood, solid mineral fuels, peat or smokeless fuels — all our open fires are multi-fuel when you use a basket grate.

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Six key features, at a glance


No Smoke Guarantee

We’re famous for solving unpleasant smoking issues. Our open fires carry a no smoke guarantee.


Approved Open Fire

HETASThe official body recognised by UK Government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. have approved Jetmaster’s Open Fires. We make the only approved inset open fires on the market.*


10 Year Guarantee

When you register your fire you get 10 years peace of mind (when using solid fuel), with a year guarantee on burning parts.


Convection Heating

Our open fire draws cool air through the convection chamber before releasing it as hot air back in to the room.


Chimney liners?

Ask around, a Jetmaster is easy to install and there’s normally no need to line your chimney, potentially a huge saving.


Stove or open fire?

A personal question… Stoves give higher efficiencies but open fires offer the pleasant crackle and smell of a real wood fire. Read more…

Extra 850 with Standard Log Retainer

Stay green with an open fire

Did you know traditional open fireplace rarely delivers above 10 percent heat into the room? Our wood burning fires are up to 50% efficient, making us up to five times as efficient as a standard firebrick opening. That means more heat in to your room and less up the chimney, and you get to relax by a roaring open fireplace instead of having to refuel all the time.

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Diagram of Standard wood fire


Diagram of Low open fire


Diagram of Universal


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The market-leader in open fire efficiency. Available for 16 × 22″ and 18 × 22″ openings. Designed for low lintel or short chimney installations. Only 530 mm high. The original Jetmaster open fireplace. All models are 650 mm high. Larger fires designed for heating larger rooms. Each model is proportionally bigger.

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16″ 18″ 500 600 700 500 600 700 700 850 1050 1200 1500

Key features:

  • 2.9 to 3.6 kW
  • Up to 50% efficient
  • 5 to 7.5 kW output
  • Up to 47% efficient
  • 6.5 to 8.5 kW output
  • Up to 47% efficient
  • 9.5 kW and above output

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*Approved models include: Standard 16″, Standard 18″, Low 500, Low 600, Universal 500 and Universal 600.