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Every Jetmaster open fire comes with a choice of styles & accessories, so you can customise your fireplace to suit your home. Whether you want to burn wood or coal we have a number of different options for you.

  • Fire Screen


    Our fire screen (or spark guard) clips to the frame of the fire. It’s steel frame houses a fine steel mesh that prevents any sparks or embers spitting into the room.

  • Poker

    Included with every solid fuel open fire as standard. poker
  • Log retainer and basket grate styles

    Click through this gallery to see our selection of log retainers & basket grates in situation.

  • Log retainers

    For wood burning only. Includes the log retainer itself, which prevents the wood from rolling out of the fire, and a wood tray (not pictured), to hold your logs on a good bed of ash. The retainer is detachable, to make it easier to dispose of ash, and is available in three styles.

    Standard Log Retainer


    Horizontal Log Retainer


    Deluxe Log Retainer


  • Basket grates

    For burning a mixture of coal & wood. The basket, available in two styles, is made up of 12 mm steel bars with a drop-in cast iron grate. Each basket grate is supplied with a sheet-steel ash-pan, with a carrying handle for easier disposal of ash.

    Standard Basket Grate


    Deluxe Basket Grate


  • arched-lintel

    Arched lintel

    This is a curved lintel made of steel, which bolts on to the fire unit and converts the basic square shape of the fire into an arch. It is fitted during the construction of a new fireplace, beneath the main structural lintel. It can be used to support the weight of a few courses of brick or similar material if necessary.

  • Availability of accessories

    Standard Low Universal Extra
    16 18 500 600 700 500 600 700 700 850 1050 1200 1500
    Log retainers
    Basket grates
    Gas conversion
    Natural Gas
    Gather (Standard)
    Gather (Staggered)
    Arched Lintel

    ◊ Special order only.

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