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3 problems of “traditional open fires”

1. Efficiency

Traditional open fire

A typical open fire, like a grate in a brick fireplace, will achieve an efficiency of about 10% — perhaps as much 18% in good conditions. This directly equates to how much wood you need to burn to stay warm… lots!

Jetmaster solution

A Jetmaster is the most efficient open fire in the UK, with fuel efficiencies of up to 50% when burning wood. That’s as much as five times better than a standard firebrick opening.

2. Heat losses

Traditional open fire

Most of the heat a traditional open fire generates goes straight up the chimney. And even when the fire is not on, warm air from the room is drawn out the house through the chimney.

Jetmaster solution

Standing air losses can are significantly reduced with a Jetmaster open fire using it’s damper mechanism. The damper closes the fire down to within 3% of the flue opening. This has great benefits in today’s highly efficient homes.

3. Smoke spillage

Traditional open fire

Another common issue with traditional open fires is smoke spilling in to the room. As well as being inconvenient, this is unsafe and hazardous.

Jetmaster solution

Jetmaster offer a “No Smoke Guarantee” with every open fire. The proven design draws smoke through the unit and up the chimney, never in to the room.

4 advantages of a Jetmaster open fire over a stove

It’s a very personal choice. We really love our wood burners (which is the most efficient stove around), but here’s why you may prefer an open fire over a stove…

  • 1. The sound of fire

    The crackle burning logs, the ambience of a fire roaring away. There’s nothing quite as peaceful as the homely sound of burning wood on an open fire. It’s the character of a home.

  • 2. A bigger flame

    Few pleasures equal the warm welcome of a real fire as it bathes the room in a radiant glow. Flames grow bigger and climb higher with an open fire. The visual delight of flames flickering away is part of the romance.

  • 3. Warmer, faster

    In the colder months, shaking of the outside cold becomes a daily task. An open fire heats up in far less time than a stove. Why wait to warm up? Warm your hands by the fireside. After all, cosying up next to the open flame is one the great joys of having an open fire.

  • 4. Cheaper installation

    At the end of the day, the installation costs of stoves can make them impractical financially. With a Jetmaster open fire the setup is simple and there’s usually no need to install a flue liner, which is potentially a significant saving.

More reasons to love your Jetmaster open fire

We believe there is are clear reasons why Jetmaster has been known and loved for it’s open fires for year after year. Here are a few more…

  • Smoke curing guarantee

    The special Jetmaster wood fire design is why 20% of our sales are to cure smoke problems. If you install a Jetmaster open fire in accordance to our instructions, we guarantee it won’t smoke into the room.

  • Ten year guarantee

    All our products are all handmade and built to last, not mass produced. We guarantee fireboxes for two years automatically and ten years (solid fuel only) if you register, with a year on burning parts.

  • Convection and Radiated heat

    Proven two-way heating

    Jetmaster’s original design increases the heating capacity of a normal brick or stone open fire by as much as five times.

    Jetmaster fires warm the room in two ways: through radiated heat directly off the fire and through convection technology. The convection heating system draws cool air beneath the fire bed and releases it back in to the room as hot air from the top of unit.

    The convection chamber warms the current of air as it contacts the hot steel adjacent to the fire, regaining heat that is normally lost up the chimney. As the hot air leaves the unit it causes a vacuum for more cool air to be drawn through the convection chamber, creating a natural cold-to-warm circulation.

  • Going green

    Emissions from burning wood on a Jetmaster open fire is naturally offset. This is because the carbon captured during the tree’s growth is approximately the same as the carbon emitted during the burn, making a wood fire almost carbon neutral.

  • The only approved open fire

    We're the only approved inset open fire in the UK. This is due to meeting the stringent tests required for new homes. Have a read of our press release to find out more.

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* Using standard S.A.P. calculation for 18″ Universal fitted burning wood.